Linfield University Study Abroad Policy on Transfer of Credit and Financial Aid

Linfield students who participant in a semester or year abroad Linfield program maintain their status as a Linfield student and receive Linfield financial aid just as if they were on campus for the semester/year. Transcripts from the partner university/institution are sent to the International Programs Office (IPO), where the marks are converted; courses and the corresponding A-F grades will be posted on the student’s transcript. To ensure that a student will receive credit for specific courses taken abroad (major, minor or LC), prior to program departure, students should complete a Linfield Study Abroad Course Approval.

Students who choose to participant in a non-Linfield semester/year abroad program and intend to receive academic credit must complete and submit the Permit to Study Abroad to the IPO, and complete and submit the Leave of Absence form to the Registrar’s Office. It is important to note that while a student is on a leave of absence, they are not enrolled as a Linfield student, and they will not receive financial aid from Linfield, nor will the first airfare be covered.