January Term Abroad

January Term off-campus courses are planned and led by Linfield faculty. They are usually limited to 10-12 students for each site chosen through a competitive interview selection process. Students cannot participate in both a Semester Abroad and January Term off-campus international program in the same academic year without special permission from the International Programs Office.

Students participating in an off-campus January Term course pay a program fee to cover the cost of the program and their living expenses such as accommodations, land transportation and other on-site costs.

  • The program fee varies according to location and format.
  • Course costs and estimates are subject to change.
  • $270 per credit is charged for all January Term courses, both abroad and domestic.
  • Passports and visa fees are the responsibility of each student. Linfield will help to facilitate the visa processes and students’ accounts will be charged accordingly.

Students are responsible for any meal costs incurred during course days on campus prior to departure or after return. Meal provisions for the periods spent off-campus vary for each course. Depending on location, student should plan on spending approximately $700-1000 for meals and personal expenses.


The following courses will be offered during January term 2022:

NURS 398 Exploring the Top-Ranked Models for healthcare: Switzerland – This course examines the similarities and differences of health care systems from an international perspective. Many European countries consistently rank better in both cost of care and quality of outcomes than the United States. The top five ranking systems, with the most impressive health outcomes, include: Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Belgium. Many of these high-ranking systems provide examples of public-private partnerships which facilitate increased access to care, efficiency of services, and lower cost; all of these are goals that the US healthcare industry strives to achieve. Participants in the course will have an opportunity to study global health care finances, economics, and provision of care from the view of nursing and other health care roles through visits to selected agencies and interaction with local populace. Prerequisite: Fall semester prior to JT'22 departure, students will be required to enroll and participate in ORIENTATION TO INTERNATIONAL STUDY (IDST 098) (1 credit). 4 credits.

GLSP 398/HIST 398 Cityscapes, Cultural, and Historical Encounters: Andalusian Spain - This course introduces students to a diverse region of Spain. The major cities of Andalusian Spain are a testament of this history of encounters, conquest, colonization, and displacements. In the urban layout, seen in the architecture, monuments, markets, palaces, neighborhoods, places of worship and institutions, we can study the history of these rich cultural and political encounters, and examine the influences that persist to this day as populations of immigrants continue to move back and forth, much as they did in the historical past. Prerequisite: Fall semester prior to JT '22 departure, students will be required to enroll and participate in the IDST 098 Orientation to International Study (1 credit). 4 credits.

WINE 298 Volcanic Vineyards: Ancient Grapes and Modern Wines in Sicily & Campania, Italy - The wines of Campania and Sicily were renown in the ancient world for their quality, and recent efforts have brought back the ancient varieties that were nearly extinct. We will explore the role of volcanic soils, grape varietal, and high elevation in the production of fine wine, and as these regions’ point of difference in today’s crowded wine market. We will also examine the role of wine and viticulture in Southern Italian culture from ancient times to present, exploring the archeological record of viticultural activity in sites such as Pompei and Syracuse. Italians never serve wine without food, so we will also explore the development of local specialties and geographical indications for food. Prerequisites: Fall semester prior to JT '22 departure, students will be required to enroll and participate in the IDST 098 Orientation to International Study (1 credit). Participants must be at least 18 years of age at time of course departure. 4 credits.

PHIL/POLS 398 The Philosophy and Politics of Happiness in Bhutan - Comparative social and political philosophy course examining concepts and practices related to the cultivation of sustainable happiness in Bhutan and the United States. The philosophy of happiness is our focus for this interdisciplinary examination of lived culture and policy in the largely Buddhist and developing rural country of Bhutan. Bhutan is known for its policy of Gross National Happiness and peaceful transition to democracy in 2008. In this beautiful Himalayan kingdom and as guests on the campus of Royal Thimphu College, we engage with texts, lectures from Bhutanese experts, comparative seminars, site visits, and guided treks to better understand the unique history and worldview of this ancient Buddhist culture and how it is adapting to the contemporary globalized world. Prerequisites: Fall semester prior to JT '22 departure, students will be required to enroll and participate in the IDST 098 Orientation to International Study (1 credit). 4 credits.

NURS 398 Healthcare in New Zealand - Students will explore the health care system in Aotearoa (New Zealand). The course emphasizes the delivery of care in various settings and among different groups of people. The effects of history, economics, policies, culture, and religion on health care will be explored. The health of Aotearoa’s indigenous people will be of significant importance. Students will study nursing and other health-related provider roles in selected health care agencies. Prerequisites: Fall semester prior to JT '22 departure, students will be required to enroll and participate in the IDST 098 Orientation to International Study (1 credit). 4 credits.

Students interested in any of the above programs should consult with:

International Programs Office
Walker Hall
Linfield University
McMinnville, Oregon 97128
Telephone: (503) 883-2222
Email: ipo@linfield.edu

Linfield reserves the right to cancel or change the provisions of the program at any time.