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Linfield University seeks to provide an educational experience through which an individual may develop an understanding of oneself as a person and of the world, and may acquire skills and knowledge which are essential for responsible and creative participation in our society. The University offers an opportunity for inquiry and discussion by which all students through self-discovery may identify their own individuality, aims, value system, and capacity for independent judgment. The University believes that an understanding of the world requires a knowledge of mankind’s heritage, an appreciation of persons of diverse races and cultures, experience in interpersonal relations, and a sensitivity to the social and ecological problems of a pluralistic and rapidly changing world. Linfield seeks through its curriculum and social activities to educate individuals who will be oriented toward continuous learning, emotionally able to cope with a world of accelerating change, and prepared for living in a society that needs responsible and creative participation. This participation may be through citizenship, the home, gainful employment, or leisure time pursuits.


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It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of and to meet the catalog requirements for graduation and to adhere to all other deadlines, rules, and regulations published in the Catalog, and the Student Policy Guide. Students are generally governed by the current Student Policy Guide and the catalog in effect for a program when they begin that program at Linfield University, subject to the catalog expiration policy. Students who are continuously enrolled in a program may meet the graduation requirements of any subsequent catalog published during their enrollment in that program. A student may not meet requirements from a catalog published prior to their matriculation in a program. While academic advisors or university officials assist students in interpreting policies and requirements and making plans, the final responsibility for meeting requirements and adhering to policies belongs to each student.