Donald Adams
2019, Cleaning Services Technician.

Emily Allen

2021, Assistant Head Softball Coach. B.A. Linfield University.

Scott Anderson
1998, Utilities Maintenance Plumber/HVAC.

Sarah Anderson-Wilk

2022, Counselor. B.A. University of Iowa; M.S. Smith College.

Jeffery Aradine
2019, Major Gifts Officer. B.A. Linfield College.

Jason Arnoldt

2022, Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator for Music. B.A. Marshall University; M.A. Federal University of Goais Brazil.

Haley Ayres

2022, Academic Secretary. B.S. Western Oregon University.

Michael Backus
2014, Library Evening Supervisor. B.S. Oregon State University.

Jennifer Ballard
1999, Director of Institutional Research. B.A. Carleton College; M.A.S. Pennsylvania State University.

Luiz Barajas Lopez
2018, Senior Lab Coordinator, Physics. B.S. University of Colima; M.S. State University of New York at Buffalo.

Kellie Berger
2015, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of University Advancement. B.S. Northland College.

Amanda Bergman
2021, Simulation Operations Specialist II. A.A.S. Kansas City Kansas Community College; B.S. Baker University.

Blake Bestul

2022, Assistant Director of Facilities Services. B.S. Oregon State University.

Kelly Bird
1989, Director of Sports Information. A.A.S. Portland Community College.

Michael Blackmore
2016, Head Cross Country Coach/Assistant Track & Field Coach. B.S., M.S. University of Oregon.

Ginny Blackson
2019, Director of Library, B.A., M.L.I.S. University of Kentucky.

Aaron Boehme
2007, Assistant Football Coach. B.S. Linfield College.

Zoe Braun

2022, Admission Counselor. B.A. Linfield University.

Ellen Braziel

2021, Director of Annual Giving. B.A. Willamette University.

Sunny Brown

2022, Counselor. B.A., M.A. Pacific University.

Casey Bunn
2015, Head Women’s Basketball Coach. B.S. Oregon State University.

Tiffany Burgess
2012, Cashier/Receivables Specialist. B.S. California State University, Los Angeles.

Keri Burke
1997, Director of Financial Aid. B.S. Linfield College.

Lisa Burtenshaw

2022, Development Officer. B.S., M.P.A. Idaho State University.

Andrea Byerley

2022, Senior Associate Registrar. B.A. Seattle University; M.A. George Fox University,

Mary Campion
2008, Integration Programmer Analyst. B.S. Western Oregon University.

April Carl

2022, Director of Development. B.A.S., M.S. Texas A&M University.

Douglas Catt
2001, HVAC Technician.

Felix Ceja Garcia
2019, Groundskeeper.

Sara Chaufty
2013, Student Accounts Specialist.

Erin Childers
2021, Academic Advisor-Pre Nursing/Nursing. B.S. Oregon State University; M.S. Western Illinois University.

Christopher Clark
1996, Cleaning Services Technician.

Andrew Clements
2021, Lab Coordinator. B.S., M.S. Portland State University.

Kent Cline
2010, Head of Access and Collections Services, Portland Campus. B.A. Marylhurst University.

Suzanne Coggeshall
2015, Gift Processor.

Kathy Cook
2002, Administrative Assistant. B.S. Linfield College.

Diane Crabtree
2013, University Registrar. B.S. University of California, Los Angeles; M.S. California State University, Fullerton.

Douglas Cummins
2015, Linfield Public Safety Officer/Emergency Management Coordinator.

Lisa Cummins

2007, Recruitment Specialist/HR Generalist.

Timothy Cuzzone
2021, Painter/Carpenter.

Sarah Dalsey

2022, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach. B.A. Manhattanville College; M.S. McDaniel College.

Sherry Davidson
2019, Office Coordinator for Career Development. A.S. Chemeketa Community College.

Teresa Derochowski
2013, Associate Director of Admission Operations.

Cary Dewees
1998, Carpenter/Electronic Lock Technician Assistant.

Amy DeYoung
2004, Accountant II. B.A. Linfield College.

Catherine Dirkson

2021, Area Director for Housing. B.S. Linfield College; M.Ed. University of Vermont.

Keri Dixon
2010, Athletic Director-Internal Operations. B.A. Linfield.

Hayley Domeck

2020, Head Women's Volleyball Coach. B.A. Hawaii Pacific University; M.A. University of Durham.

Darrell Driver
2010, Electronic Security Lock Specialist.

Duane Duey
2013, Head Athletic Trainer. B.S. Western Oregon University; M.S. Midwestern State University.

Shannon Dunn
2013, Administrative Assistant, Health, Human Performance and Athletics. B.A. University of Notre Dame; M.A.T. University of Portland.

Balbina Duran
2011, Cleaning Services Technician.

Andy Duvall
2020, Head Men’s Soccer Coach. B.A. Concordia University; M.S. University of New Mexico.

Erin Edelen Kutter

2022, Assistant Director of Annual Giving. B.A. Linfield College.

Brian Elliott

2022, Director of Tennis and Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach. B.A., M.P.A. Eastern Washington University.

Brett Elliott
2019, Co-Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Football Coach.

Fredrik Eriksson
2018, Building Trades Manager.

Chase Estep
2019, Digital Marketing Manager. B.S. Western Oregon University.

Lindsay Estep
2020, Donor Relations & Stewardship Officer. B.A. Linfield College.

Kim Etherton
2016, Operations Supervisor. A.A. Clackamas Community College.

Deanna Fairchild
2005, Assistant Director of Admission, Nursing, and Online and Continuing Education. B.S. Linfield College.

Thomas Fitzgerald
2018, Senior Systems Administrator.

Brenda Flanders
2021, Assistant Director of Pre-Kindergarten and Lead Teacher.

Brent Flanders
2019, Utility Trades Manager.

Sarah Fleischauer
2020, Counselor. B.A. Emory University, M.S. University of North Carolina.

Amanda Fleming
2007, Director of Library Systems and Technical Services. B.A. Linfield College; M.L.S. San Jose State University.

Katherine Foss
2020, Director of Strategic Communications. B. A., M.Ed. Washington State University.

Krista Francisco-Sluss
2018, Assistant Athletic Trainer.

Kara Frank

2015, Associate Director of the Writing Program for Nursing. B.A. Evergreen State College; M.A. Portland State University.

Nathan Gage

2017, Systems Administrator I. B.A. University of Minnesota.

John Gallagher
2009, Associate Registrar. B.A., M.A. University of Dallas.

Bethanne Garcia
2021, Director of Conference & Event Planning. B.S. San Diego State University; M.S. Mountain State University.

Dena Garza
2016, Cleaning Services Coordinator.

Dustin Gilbert

2022, Properties Technician. 

Joshua Gillis
2009, Fleet Operations & Service Technician.

Gregory Glasson
2016, Cleaning Services Technician.

Miguel Gonzalez
2011, Groundskeeper.

Christopher Grady

2021, Linfield Public Safety Officer. 

Christopher Gray

2021, Admission Counselor. B.S. George Fox University.

Mike Greiner
2020, Groundskeeper. A.S. Chemeketa Community College.

Jewls Griesmeyer Krentz

2022, Learning Support Services Associate Director. B.S., M.A. Portland State University.

Angelia Gurley
2009, Director of Pre-Kindergarten. B.S. Kansas State University; M.S. University of Kansas.

Patricia Haddeland
2012, Director of Student Health and Wellness. B.S.N. Oregon Health & Science University; M.N. University of Washington.

Craig Haisch
2006, Senior Director of Development. B.S. Linfield College; M.Ed. Oregon State University.

Frances Hallstrom

2022, Assistant Director of Admission-Alumni and Parent Liaison. B.A. McGill University; M.A. Rutgers University.

Michael Hampton
2011, Director of Career Development. B.A. University of Oregon; M.A. George Fox University.

Chadwick Hanke

2021, Head Men's and Women's Wrestling Coach. B.S. Oregon State University.

Brett Hardee
1999, Learning Management Systems Administrator. B.S. Hawaii Pacific University; B.A. University of California, Riverside.

Debbie Harmon Ferry
1993, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement. B.A. Linfield College.

Larry Hayes
2020, Linfield Public Safety Officer.

Leslie Hayward

2022, Mail Services Technician.

William Heck

2022, Assistant Football Coach-Offensive Line. B.S. Linfield College; M.P.H. UC Berkeley.

Timothy Helmers

2021, Maintenance Custodian. A.A.S. Trinidad State Junior College; B.S. George Williams College.

Darlene Hempel
2013, Accounts Payable Supervisor.

Deborah Herlocker
2019, Assistant Director of International Programs. B.A. Dickinson College; M.A. University of North Carolina.

Analia Kealiikaumealani Hermosillo
2021, Administrative Specialist for the School of Nursing.

Marcos Hernandez

2022, Cleaning Services Technician. 

Greg Hill
1999, Associate Head Athletic Trainer/Clinical Coordinator.

Matthew Hiller
2016, Assistant Dean of Students, Portland Campus. B.S. University of Minnesota, Crookston; M.S. University of North Dakota.

Doug Hire
2000, Senior Associate Athletic Director. B.A., M.Ed. Linfield College.

Matthew Hodges
2008, Development Officer. B.A. Linfield College.

John Holland
2020, Groundskeeper. B.A. University of Maine; M.D. Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Justin Holverson
2021, Journeyman Electrician. A.S. & A.S. Chemeketa Community College.

Allison Horn
2010, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Administration. B.S. Portland State University.

Mary Ann Huber

2019, Administrative Specialist for the School of Business. A.S. University of Phoenix.

Diana Hunt

2022, Director of Prospect Development and Strategy. B.S., M.M. Southern Oregon University.

Patricia Hunt
2018, Cleaning Services Technician.

William Hurliman
2021, Painter/Carpenter.

Callan Jackman
2022, Academic Records Specialist and Transcript Evaluation Specialist. B.S., M.A. Oregon State University.

Laura Jellison
2010, Communications Database Technician.

Kathleen Jensen
2017, Assistant Director of Residence Life. B.S. Appalachian State University; M.A. Slippery Rock University.

Maria Jimenez

2022, Cleaning Services Technician.

Norberto Jimenez

2021, Cleaning Services Technician.

Lynn Johnson
2019, Director of Human Resources. B.A. George Fox College.

Vern Johnson
2013, Programmer Analyst III. A.A. Lower Columbia College.

Kenneth Kebisek
2001, Science Lab Coordinator, Biology. B.S. University of Chicago; M.S. University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Toni Ketrenos
2020, Instructional Associate, Wine Studies and Wine Studies Coordinator. B.A. Linfield College.

Garry Killgore
1989, Director of Athletics. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Oregon State University.

Kyle Kimball
2014, Head Swim Coach/Aquatics Director. B.A University of Washington; M.Ed. University of Arizona.

Jill King
2019, Director of Website Communications. B.A. Linfield College.

Steven King Brogan
2019, Payroll Coordinator. B.A. University of Nebraska.

Tara Kleinberg
2002, Students Accounts Manager. B.S. Linfield College.

Jesse Klug

2022, Theatre Technology Director. B.F.A. Columbia College Chicago.

Keri Knight

2021, Director of Student Activities. B.A. Western Oregon University; M.S. Portland State University.

Lisa Knodle-Bragiel
1990, Director of Admission. B.A. Linfield College.

Timothy Krueger

2021, Linfield Public Safety Officer.

Emily Kyzer
2020, Academic Secretary – Lacroute Initiative. B.A. Central Washington University.

Alyssa Lampe

2021, Assistant Men's and Women's Wrestling Coach. A.A.S. DeVry University,

Jeffrey Larson
2019, Learning Support Services Program Director. B.A. Linfield College; M.A. Northwest Christian University.

Mackenzie Larson
2017, Assistant Director of Student Life. B.A. Linfield College.

Joe Latulippe
2021, Director of Academic Advising. B.S. Sonoma State University; M.S., Ph.D. Montana State University.

David Lehman
2015, Groundskeeper.

Mike Lempner
2021, Video Producer. A.A. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Karen Lippert
2013, Collections & Access Specialist, Portland Campus.

Heather Long
1990, Stockroom Supervisor and Laboratory Coordinator, Biology. B.S. Oregon State University.

Jeannie Long
2016, Linfield Public Safety Administrative Officer. B.S. Linfield College.

Mindy Longley
1987, Carpenter II.

Patricia Love

2020, Director of Portland Campus Library. B.A. Portland State University; M.S. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Christopher Ludwick
2020, Mail Services Assistant.

Craig Luis
1992, Computer Support Technician. B.S. Oregon State University.

James Lunsford
2012, Utilities Maintenance Specialist.

Flora Maciel Garibay
2017, Senior Financial Aid Counselor. B.A. Linfield College.

Kristianne Mackay
2000, Assistant Director of Career Development. B.S. Linfield College.

Kaitlyn Macuk
2021, Instructional Associate - HHPA. B.S. Pacific University, M.K. Boise State University.

Anthony Madaus

2022, Cleaning Services Technician.

Jennifer R. Madden
2020, Dean of the School of Business. B.A., M.N.O., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University.

Mariana Malaj

2021, Cleaning Services Technician.

Dennis Marks
2018, Director of Linfield Public Safety.

Dara Martin
2018, Admission Front Office Manager and Visit Outreach Assistant.

Hugo Martinez Pelaez
2018, Groundskeeper.

Tim Matz
2021, Domaine Serene Chair in Wine Business and Director of the Evanstad Center for Wine Education. A.A. Whatcom Community College; B.B.A. Kent State University; M.B.A. University of Kentucky, Lexington.

Jessiah Mayer

2022, Experiential Learning Center Lab Coordinator. B.S.N. Montana State University-Bozeman.

Scott McBeth

2021, Academic Advisor for Post-Licensure Nursing Programs. B.A., M.S. Seattle Pacific University; M.S. Portland State University; Ph.D. Oregon State University.

Marcella McCune
1990, Loans Receivable Coordinator.

Terri McLeod
2020, Cleaning Services Coordinator.

Javier Mendoza
1998, Groundskeeping Supervisor.

Pablo Mendoza

2021, Human Resources Assistant. B.S. Linfield College.

Jeffrey Miller

2022, Director of Nursing Academic Operations. B.S. Portland State University; M.S. Portland State University,

Melandy Misenheimer
2017, Cleaning Services Technician.

Jaynie Mitchell

2022, Director of Grants and Sponsored Research. B.S. Eastern Oregon University; M.A. California State University Dominguez; Ph.D. Brigham Young University.

Ingeborg Momberg

2021, Program Coordinator. B.S. Educares University.

Francisco Mora
2014, Systems Administrator.

Misako Murphy
2012, Assistant Registrar for Transfer Articulation and Degree Audit. A.A. Kansai Gaidai College; A.S. Clatsop Community College.

Kelsey Murray

2021, Coordinator of Student Wellness and Sexual Harassment Advocacy Programs. A.A. Arapahoe Community College; B.A. The University of Northern Colorado. M.A. The University of Colorado.

Sergio Naranjo Morales
2014, Cleaning Services Technician.

Reina Naranjo-Cruz
2010, Cleaning Services Technician.

Michael Nardoni

2021, Budget Director. B.S. Linfield College.

Scott Bernard Nelson
2016, Chief Marketing Officer & Associate Vice President for Strategic Communications. B.A. Linfield College, M.B.A. University of Maryland.

Mary Jo Nichols
2019, Athletics Administrative Coordinator.

Isaiah Nixon
2020, Assistant Director of Admission, McMinnville and School of Nursing. B.A. University of Oregon.

Martin Olheiser

2022, Cleaning Services Technician.

Brody Olsen
2019, Technical Specialist-McMinnville. B.S. Linfield College.

Travis Olson
1998, Head Track & Cross Country Coach/Equipment Manager. B.S. Linfield College.

Mark Patten
2010, Utilities Maintenance and Boiler Specialist.

Laurel Peterson
2013, Costume Designer/Shop Manager. B.A. Linfield College; M.F.A. Boston University.

Mary Piper
2015, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Finance and Administration/CFO. B.S. Valley City State University.

Aaron Pope

2022, Clinical Facilities Coordinator. B.A. Oregon State University.

Victoria Ragsdale
2003, Administrative Coordinator and Box Office Manager.

Marty Ransier
2004, Linfield Public Safety Officer.

Geoffrey Rath

2022, Assistant Director of Housing Operations. B.S. Linfield College; M.S. George Mason University.

Cara Ray
2018, Instructional Associate, Psychology. B.A. Whitworth University; M.S. University of Oregon; Ph.D. University of Hawaii.

Ian Redding
2017, Senior Technical Specialist. B.F.A. Oklahoma State University.

Abigail Reeser

2022, Cleaning Services Technician.

Bahram Refaei
1989, Director of Access and Educational Media Services. B.A. Linfield College.

Gina Regalado
2002, Associate Director of Financial Aid IT Systems.

Jeremiah Richards

2022, University Chaplain and Service Leadership. B.A. Concordia University. M.D. Duke Divinity School.

Kristie Rickerd
2000, Associate Director of Admission, Transfer/Graduate Recruitment and Project Management. B.A. Linfield College.

Ella Riddle
2019, Director of Sport Performance and Fitness. B.S. Linfield College; M.S. Leeds Beckett University.

Brenda Rivera Vargas
2019, Administrative Assistant. B.A. Linfield College.

Phillip Rombach
2003, Assistant Football Coach.

Mercedes Rose

2021, Social Media Specialist. 

Shanan Rosenberg
2013, Head Men’s Basketball Coach. B.A. University of California, Davis; M.A. California State University, Chico.

Wendy Sagers
2002, English Language and Culture Program Coordinator. B.Ed., M.Ed University of Washington.

Candido Salinas III
1995, Director of Publications. B.A. California State University, Chico.

Mark Anthony Salleng

2021, Senior Linfield Public Safety Officer. B.S. Western Oregon University.

Jane Samuels
2019, Academic Advisor for School of Business, Transfer Students, and Online and Continuing Education. B.A. University of California; M.A. Marylhurst University.

Ann Marie Schmidt
1998, International Programs Coordinator.

Rich Schmidt
2011, Director of Archives and Resource Sharing. B.A. Willamette University.

Amy Scholer
2013, Administrative Assistant. B.A. University of California, Los Angeles.

Deanne Schroeder
1983, Campus Mail Services Manager.

Jill Searle
2005, Student Information Systems Support Specialist. B.S. Brigham Young University.

Philip D. Seth
1980, Associate Director of Enterprise Services. B.A. Linfield College.

Paul Shillam
2020, Assistant VP Financial Services & Controller. B.B.A., M.B.A. National University.

Allan “Totem” Shriver
2004, Shop Manager/Supervisor, Art.

Veronica Siller
2016, Senior Lab Coordinator, Chemistry. B.S. Linfield College.

Antonio Silva
2002, Carpenter III.

Stephen Silver

2021, Collections and Cataloging Specialist. M.L.S. Emporia State University.

Stephen Simmons
2019, Assistant Athletic Director, Director of Soccer, and Head Women's Soccer Coach.

Joseph M. Smith
2019, Utility Maintenance Technician.

Joseph W. Smith
1996, Head Football Coach. B.A. Linfield College; M.S. Oregon State University.

Mark Smith

2021, Utility Maintenance Technician. B.S.W. George Fox University.

Paul Smith
2007, Interim Dean of Nursing. B.S.N. University of Phoenix; M.N. Washington State University; Ph.D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Peyton Smith
2020, Assistant Director of Admission, Event Coordinator, and Student Ambassador Supervisor. B.A. Linfield College.

Rick Snaric
2015, Associate Director of Technical Services. A.A. Clark College.

Timothy Sofranko
2019, University Photographer. A.A.S. SAGE; B.S. The College of Saint Rose; M.F.A. The State University of New York at New Paltz.

Lainie Sowell
2019, Director of Student Care & Support.

James Spears

2022, Multimedia Support Specialist. 

Daniel Spencer
2019, Head Baseball Coach.

Jonathan Stanfill

2022, Service Desk Manager. B.S. Linfield College.

Erik Stenehjem
2018, Director of Environmental Health and Safety. B.S. Lewis and Clark State College; M.S. Central Washington University.

Tim Stewart
1987, Cleaning Services Manager.

Carol Stowell-Heller
2013, Assistant Controller/Grants Manager. B.S. California State University, Long Beach.

Julia Sublett

2022, Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator for Wine. B.A. Northwest University.

Tim Sullivan
2015, Biology Instructor. B.S. University of South Florida; M.S., Ph.D. University of Tennessee.

Meridith Symons
1994, Executive Assistant to the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences. B.A. Albion College; M.Ed. Linfield College.

Christina Tall
2021, Director of Portland Campus Operations. B.D. Arizona State University, M.D. Purdue Global University.

Amber Taylor

2022, Accounts Payable Specialist. 

Harvey Taylor
2021, Senior Linfield Public Safety Officer.

Abigail Thomas

2021, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. B.A. Linfield University; M.S.Ed. University of Miami.

Michele L. Tomseth
2000, Associate Director of International Programs/Study Abroad Coordinator. B.A. Pacific Lutheran University; M.Ed. Oregon State University.

Hanna Trailer

2022, Interim Area Director for Residential Education. B.A. Linfield College. M.A. Slippery Rock University.

Drake Tucker
2020, Cleaning Services Coordinator.

Christina Untiet
2019, Experiential Learning Center Manager. B.S., M.PH Oregon State University.

Karen Updegraff
2010, Library Computer Technician. B.S. Western Carolina University.

James Vander Meide

2021, Properties Supervisor. A.S. Chemeketa Community College; B.A.S. Oregon State University.

Jackson Vaughan
1996, Head Softball Coach and Football Equipment Coordinator. B.A. Linfield College.

Jesus Velazquez
2002, Irrigation Specialist/Lead Groundskeeper.

Delene Volkert

2022, Associate Dean of Nursing. A.A.S.-R.N., B.S.N. Great Basin College; M.S.N. Walden University; Ph.D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Leslie Walker

2015, Instructional Associate-Anthropology. B.A. University of Central Arkansas; M.A., Ph.D. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Benjamin Whiting

2022, Lab Coordinator. B.S. Linfield College.

Jane Wilde
2015, Senior Instructional Designer. B.S. Syracuse University; M.A. Antioch University.

Joe Wilferth
2020, Dean of the College of Arts and Science, B.A., DePauw University; M.A., Southeast Missouri State University; Ph.D. Bowling Green State University.

Samuel Williams
2020, Chief Information Officer. A.S. Salish Kootenai College; B.S. University of Montana; M.S. Western Oregon University.

Andrew Wolf
2004, Network Administrator. B.S. Linfield College.

Seth Wollam
2018, Director of Marching Band. B.M. Youngstown State University; M.A. Indiana University of Pennsylvania; D.M.A. University of North Texas.

Beth Woodward
2021, Assistant Director of Admission - Linfield Nursing Programs. B.S. Oregon State University, M.B.A. Marylhurst University.

Brenda Wyller
2019, Academic Coach.

Allison Xavier
2019, Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees. B.S. California State University.

Laura Zaepfel
2019, Instructional Technologist. B.A. University of Colorado.

Kastriot Zanaj

2021, Cleaning Services Technician. 

Kristin Ziebart

2017, Associate Director of the Writing Program.