Compliance Officers

Sarah Coste
2006, Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance. B.A. Linfield College; M.S., Ph.D. Oregon Health & Science University.

Jeff Mackay
1988, Title IX Deputy Coordinator, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students. B.S. Linfield College; M.S. Portland State University.

Mindy Legard Larson
2006, Title IX Deputy Coordinator and Professor of Education. B.S. Linfield College; M.S. Western Oregon University; Ph.D. Oregon State University.

Keri Dixon
2010, Title IX Deputy Coordinator and Assistant Athletic Director. B.A. Linfield University.

Megan Kozak Williams

2013, Chair of the Institutional Review Board and Associate Professor of Psychology.  B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.A., Ph.D. Harvard University