Administration Emeriti

Vivian A. Bull
1992-2005, President Emeritus. B.A. Albion College; Ph.D. New York University.

Scott Carnahan
1983-2017, Director Emeritus of Athletics and Professor of Health and Human Performance. B.S. Linfield College; M.A.T. Lewis & Clark College.

Lynne L. Desel
1973-2005, Director Emeritus of Linfield Pre-Kindergarten. B.S., M.S. Portland State University.

Gloria Flower
1979-2004, Director Emeritus of Registration and Records, Portland Campus. B.S., M.S. Oregon State University.

David Groff
1987-2009, Associate Vice President Emeritus for Academic Affairs/Director of the Portland Campus. B.A. University of California, Davis; Ph.D. Stanford University.

David Hansen
1969-2010, Vice President Emeritus for Student Services/Dean of Students. B.A. Willamette University; M.S. Portland State University.

Thomas L. Hellie
2006-2018, President Emeritus. B.A. Luther College; Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia.

Lee N. Howard
1993-2003, Vice President Emeritus of College Relations. B.S., M.S. University of Colorado.

Shaik L. Ismail
2003-2022, Director Emeritus of International Programs. B.A. Beloit College; M.P.A., Ph.D. American University.

David L. Massey
2001-2021, Chaplain Emeritus. B.A. Linfield College; M.Div. Colgate Rochester Divinity School; D.Min. San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Adolf Rutschman
1968-1996, Director Emeritus of Athletics. B.S., M.Ed. Linfield College.

Ellen Summerfield
1984-2004, Director Emeritus of International Programs. B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.A., Ph.D. University of Connecticut.

A. Dale Tomlinson
1981-2001, Vice President Emeritus of Business and Finance. B.S. Lewis & Clark College; M.S. University of Oregon; C.P.A.

Charles U. Walker
1975-1992, President Emeritus. B.A. University of Pittsburgh; M.A. Columbia University; Ph.D. Stanford University; D.Litt. Kanto Gakuin University; L.H.D. Linfield College.

Bruce D. Wyatt
2002-2013, Vice President Emeritus of College Relations. B.A., Knox College; M.A. University of Iowa.