Pre-College Admission for High School Juniors and Seniors

High school juniors and seniors may enroll in only one class and up to 5 credits per semester with the approval of the high school principal, the Linfield faculty member teaching the course, and the Linfield Director of Admission. High school juniors and seniors are not eligible for January Term classes. Students who have graduated from high school or who have received their GED are not eligible for admission as a pre-college student. Enrollment in Linfield University courses is on a space available basis and students must receive Linfield grades of “C” or higher to continue taking Linfield courses.

Cost per credit is $495 and there is a $50 one-time application fee. Students enrolled in more than 5 credits will pay the McMinnville Campus rate per credit hour over 5 credits.

Application process/requirements:

  1. The Non-Degree Student Application is available online at
  2. A one-time $50 application fee is required.
  3. Students must have completed their sophomore year in high school.
  4. An official high school transcript must be submitted.
  5. Approval from a high school principal.
  6. Students must have/maintain a cumulative 3.500 high school GPA in order to be considered for pre-college admission.
  7. Adequate and progressive academic progress must be displayed in the subject area of the Linfield course.
  8. Placement exams may be required for some subjects.
  9. A brief interview with either the Director of Admission and/or the University Registrar will be required prior to acceptance as a pre-college student.