Non-Degree Applicants

A student who does not intend to earn a Linfield degree or certificate and wishes to register for only one undergraduate course may do so with the permission of the faculty member teaching the course. An application form is required following the specific directions below. A non-degree student is not considered a degree candidate.

Non-degree-seeking students may register after degree-seeking student registration is complete. Non-degree-seeking students will be required to complete an application for admission as a degree-seeking candidate at the completion of 30 undergraduate Linfield credits.


A disciplinary matter or criminal conviction, whether occurring prior to the time of application, while the application is under review, or after the admission decision has been made, may affect the University’s decisions regarding admission, enrollment, or course of study. Linfield University reserves the right to rescind admission or enrollment in such circumstances. In addition, because offers of admission and enrollment are based upon a record of academic achievement, Linfield reserves the right to rescind admission or enrollment upon receipt of a final high school transcript or most recent college transcript reflecting a significant decline in academic performance or showing that specific program prerequisites have not been met. Finally, if an application misrepresents any information, for any reason, admission or enrollment may be rescinded at the University’s discretion.