McMinnville Community Members

Members of the McMinnville community may enroll in only one class for up to 5 credits per semester with the approval of the Linfield faculty member teaching the course, and the Linfield Director of Admission. Enrollment in Linfield University courses is on a space available basis and students must receive Linfield grades of “C” or higher to continue taking Linfield courses.

Tuition and course fees, including the fee for auditing courses are charged at the McMinnville campus rate. 

Senior Citizens (at least age 65) may audit a course without paying the audit fee, but must pay all course fees and must pay tuition if they desire academic credit for their course.

Application process/requirements:

  1. The Non-Degree Student Application is available online at
  2. A one-time $50 application fee is required. 
  3. An official high school transcript must be submitted for applicants seeking academic credit. 
  4. Prerequisites and placement exams may be required for some subjects.
  5. A brief interview with the Director of Admission may be required prior to acceptance as a non-degree student.