English Language and Culture Program

Students who have been accepted into the English Language and Culture Program (ELCP) are eligible to receive a discounted tuition rate equal to 50% of the undergraduate tuition rate. For 2023-2024, this semester rate will be $11,965 but is contingent upon the following conditions:

  1. Students must be enrolled for 12 to 16 credits
  2. Students may not have more than 6 non-ELCP credits. Coursework must be approved by the ELCP Coordinator
  3. It is anticipated students will remain in the English Language and Culture Program for 1 to 3 semesters
  4. Students are not eligible for financial aid while in this program.

Students should check with the ELCP Coordinator in the Office of International Programs to determine their eligibility. If conditions are not met, students will be charged the regular undergraduate rate.