Non-Binary Bathrooms

Any person may use a bathroom that best suits both their current need and their gender identity. This means that any trans* person may use whatever bathroom best aligns with their identity. 

Such bathrooms may not exist for people of all genders, especially those who are non-binary, gender non-conforming, agender, and other related gender identities. Such bathrooms also may not be accessible due to things like disability and unreasonable distance. In the event that a bathroom is not readily available that fits with the gender identity of a person, they are able to use any bathroom they need. We recognize this is an imperfect solution for individuals when there is no restroom that aligns with their identity/identities.

If someone experiences harassment, hate speech, or any other form of violence around their identities because of the bathroom they are using, that would be included under the Linfield harassment policy. Such behaviors are unacceptable in our community and would be sent through the conduct process if the survivor wants that to occur.

These policies and procedures also cover locker room spaces.