Intercultural Communication


Jackson Miller, Ph.D. • Theatre and Communication Arts

The Intercultural Communication major offers students an interdisciplinary B. A. degree program that includes a core of communication arts courses. Students in this program engage the theories and models for understanding the dynamics of human communication across a variety of cultural contexts. They accomplish this by investigating issues of privilege, marginalization, opportunity, and social justice at the intersection of race, gender, class, and nationality. By placing them in both domestic and global communication sites, the major provides students with unique opportunities to draw upon knowledge gained in the classroom as they experience those concepts in daily interaction. This program includes the following cognate areas: interpersonal communication, intercultural and multicultural communication theory, communication and diversity, gendered communication, small group communication, performance ethnography, and nonverbal communication. Students attain additional understanding of global and domestic cultures through course work in three or more of the following areas of study: anthropology, English, history, Global Languages and Cultural Studies, philosophy, political science, religious studies, and sociology.

For additional information about requirements for the major, see Intercultural Communication section in the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts.