Undergraduate Degree and Certificate Completion


Degree-seeking students must submit an application for graduation to become a candidate for graduation. Similarly, Certificate-seeking students must submit an application for graduation to indicate their intent to complete their program. All students should apply at least two semesters prior to the completion semester (e.g. apply by August for a May/June degree date and by January for an August or December degree date).

Applying to graduate by the appropriate deadline 

  • will provide students sufficient opportunity to review their degree requirements with their advisor and make any necessary class schedule adjustments for timely completion of requirements.
  • can be critical to verification of the student’s completed program. Failure to meet the deadline can potentially delay timely receipt of the diploma or certificate.
  • allows the administrative processing necessary for determination of eligibility to participate in commencement for degree-seeking students and the correct presentation of the student’s credentials and name at commencement. 


Linfield University holds Commencement Celebrations in May of each year. All students who completed degrees since the previous May and those who are expected to earn their degree in May are invited to participate in the May celebrations immediately following the completion of their degree. 

Students wishing to participate in commencement prior to their actual degree completion must submit a Commencement Participation form online by April 1st of the commencement year. This form will be available each year by mid-March.

To be eligible to participate before degree completion, a student must be within 8 credits of completing all degree requirements. This policy is strictly enforced.

For any further inquiries about candidacy for graduation or eligibility to participate in commencement, students should contact the Office of the Registrar.


Latin honors designations are awarded to those baccalaureate degree candidates who have earned a minimum of 54 Linfield credits in courses with differentiated grades (A-F). The GPA calculation is based on all Linfield credit, including Linfield study abroad, and utilizes the Linfield repeat policy. The award levels are as follows:

Award GPA
Summa cum laude 3.900 – 4.000
Magna cum laude 3.800 – 3.899
Cum laude 3.650 – 3.799


The Linfield University Catalog lists the requirements for all degrees and certificates offered by the university. Each catalog goes into effect at the beginning of the fall semester the academic year of issue and expires at the end of the summer term the seventh academic year after publication. The official catalog is published online and may be retrieved at www.linfield.edu/catalog. The University reserves the right to make changes in its course offerings, degree and certificate requirements, regulations, procedures and charges. Any statement made in these publications is for current informational purposes only and is subject to change by the governing body of Linfield University or its duly authorized representatives.

In order to receive a degree or certificate, a student must have satisfied, at the time of graduation, each university requirement for the degree from an eligible catalog. These include requirements common to all bachelor’s degrees and B.A. or B.S. requirements, as well as major, minor, and certificate requirements. The catalog may be either the unexpired catalog in effect when the student was first admitted and enrolled at Linfield or any subsequent catalog in effect while the student was enrolled that has not yet expired. Students enrolled in programs that are accredited or licensed must meet the requirements most recently approved by the accrediting agency or licensing authority.

Former students who wish to complete requirements more than 10 years after their initial enrollment at Linfield must apply for readmission and complete all the requirements in effect at the time of their re-enrollment.