Leave of Absence and Withdrawal

Students who need to take time away from their studies, whether temporarily (up to one year) or permanently, must notify the Office of the Registrar by submitting a Withdrawal or Leave of Absence form. This is the only officially recognized method of notification. The registrar may recommend or require consultation with other administrative offices as deemed appropriate (e.g. financial aid and residence life). The date that the Office of the Registrar is informed determines the start date of the leave or withdrawal and the last date of attendance/participation determines the return of Federal Aid. Students should contact the Office the Registrar to request a Withdrawal or Leave of Absence form. 

Withdrawal from All Courses

For students leaving before the end of a semester or term, all enrolled courses will be dropped or withdrawn according to the deadlines for dropping for that term.

Students Pursuing Admission to Nursing Licensure Programs

Taking prerequisite courses for admission to a Linfield Nursing program while on Leave of Absence will result in the forfeiture of resident status and require application to the School of Nursing as a direct transfer from another institution.

Medical Leave of Absence

The purpose of a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) is to provide students time away from Linfield University for treatment of a medical or a mental health condition that impairs a student’s ability to function successfully or safely as a member of the university community. Because of the potential impact both to the individual student and to the Linfield community, the university has the responsibility to establish criteria regarding eligibility for reenrollment of students receiving a MLOA. The Vice President of Student Affairs or designee must approve all Medical Leaves. The Student Health, Wellness and Counseling Center will collect appropriate documentation regarding the medical status of the student requesting the MLOA.

Students may begin this process by contacting the Office of Student Life on the Portland Campus or the Student Health, Wellness and Counseling Center on the McMinnville Campus to begin the Medical Leave of Absence process and to initiate the process of reinstatement.

Undergraduate students who would otherwise be eligible to purchase Health Insurance through Linfield and who are on an approved MLOA may be eligible to retain their eligibility to purchase Health Insurance through Linfield. Interested students should consult with the Student Accounts Office.

Student Loan Exit Counseling

Any student who has had a Nursing Student Loan, or Stafford Loan and who is leaving Linfield University and not planning to return for the immediately following semester must complete student loan exit counseling prior to leaving Linfield University. Students who have an outstanding loan and do not participate in the appropriate loan exit counseling will not be able to receive official transcripts.