Bills and Payments


Linfield University does not send paper statements. All registered students will receive an electronic tuition statement in July, for fall term, in January, for spring term. Monthly thereafter, students and authorized parties will receive an email to log in and check their account balance if there is a balance due. This typically includes tuition, room, board, mandatory fees, course related fees and health insurance for the term. All tuition statements and student account billing activity are available electronically on the Nelnet Student Account Portal,, which can be accessed through Self-Service or WebAdvisor. Students and authorized parties will receive an email notification when electronic statements and any monthly notifications are available for viewing and printing.

The payment procedure necessary to finalize Student Account arrangements includes specific date requirements which must be met. Each student, without exception, must do one of the following each semester:

  1. Pay in full so that the account balance is zero by August 15, 2021, for fall semester and February 1, 2022, for spring semester.
  2. Set up a Payment Plan: A deferred tuition payment plan is offered through Nelnet. The amount of the plan is based on semester billed charges (include January term charges in your spring semester plan). Payments for fall semester may be made in 6, 5, 4 or 3 installments beginning May, June, July, August, and September, and ending in October or November. Payments for spring semester may be made in 6, 5, 4 or 3 installments beginning November, December, January, and February, and ending in April. There is no interest charge if all payments are made as scheduled with Nelnet. However, if a payment is late, Nelnet will assess a $50 late fee, and Linfield will assess a 1% per month finance charge for the remainder of the payment plan. Additional Nelnet payment plan information is available in the Student Accounts Office. A payment plan with Nelnet may be established by calling them at 800-609-8056 or online at and paying the semester plan fee (varies depending on campus), or,
  3. Pay the balance due, in full, not included in the Nelnet payment plan and not covered by accepted net financial aid by August 15, 2021, for fall semester and February 1, 2022, for spring semester and electronically sign the Linfield Educational Services Agreement (LESA).

The portion of the semester billed charges not included in the Nelnet payment plan, third party funding and not covered by accepted net financial aid must be paid online or by check to Linfield by August 15, 2021, for fall semester and February 1, 2022, for spring semester. Student bills which have not been paid before the start of the semester, or any subsequent overdue amount, are subject to additional charges including but not limited to a 1% monthly finance charge, reasonable attorney fees, both on trial and appeal, other costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due, and cancellation of registration or services being withheld, including but not limited to, transcripts, grades and diploma. The school will report the amount of an overdue account and other relevant information to a national credit bureau.


Payments may be made online by E-Check or a credit/debit card through Nelnet Campus Commerce by logging into your Student Account Portal through Self-Service or WebAdvisor, or, paid directly to the Student Accounts Office, located on the McMinnville Campus, in person or by mail. Linfield does not accept credit cards in office or over the phone. We can accept cash payments, check or money order payments in office. Payments accepted Online are E-Check, MasterCard, American Express, VISA, or Discover. Nelnet will charge a teleprocessing fee for debit/credit cards that varies with the amount charged and type of card used. E-Check (ACH) payments are free of charge. Please call Nelnet at 800-609-8056 or visit to pay or for additional information.

Linfield Educational Services Agreement: The Linfield Educational Services Agreement (LESA) is your student account financial agreement between you and Linfield for your financial liability to the University. All students are required to access and agree to the terms of the LESA via WebAdvisor on an annual basis.

Net Financial Aid: All net financial aid must be applied to the student account by October 31, 2021, for fall semester and by March 31, 2022, for spring semester. To ensure these dates are met, students and parents must submit the proper documentation to the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner. Some financial aid cannot be applied to the student account until after classes begin.

Students are expected to complete financial arrangements before classes begin. The consequences of not adhering to these dates will range from late fees to other fines set by the university, up to and including cancellation of enrollment.