Transportation Policies


Linfield University’s McMinnville Campus requires any motor vehicle that will be used as transportation on campus, or to and from campus, be registered with Linfield Public Safety, regardless of whether or not the vehicle will be parked on campus property, or whether or not the owner of the vehicle lives on campus. All Linfield community members parking within the Linfield Parking District must always display a current parking permit.

General student parking permits are valid in any non-restricted parking space on the Linfield campus. There is a ninety ($90.00) dollar annual fee for general permits.

Parking permit applications can be submitted online on the LPS website and permits can be picked up at the LPS office.

Guest Parking

Linfield Public Safety requires all vehicles on campus to be registered if they will be parked overnight on campus. If you have a visitor on campus, you may come to Cozine Hall and have a Temporary/Guest Permit issued to your visitor, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. If your guest arrives after 5pm or on a weekend, you may also e-mail with the guest’s name, vehicle make, model, license plate, and color along with the duration of the stay. The issued permit is to be displayed on the driver’s side dash with the information clearly visible.

As long as your guest is parked in accordance with Oregon state law and the Linfield University Traffic and Parking Regulations, there should be no problem. Your guest may park in any regular parking space. Should your guest receive a citation, contact the Linfield Public Safety LPS office immediately for further instructions. McMinnville Campus students are required to register their vehicles annually. Parking permit fees are assessed at the time the vehicle is registered and will be posted to the student’s account.

There is no required vehicle registration on the Portland Campus.


Electric scooters owned by the operator will be treated as bicycles and must follow Oregon State Law, ORS 814.400(1)(a) and are not permitted on Linfield Property sidewalks, must obey traffic signs and signals, and must be parked in a designated bike parking area on the Linfield Campus. Electric scooters that are not in compliance with these guidelines may be impounded.

Third party-owned electric scooters are not permitted on Linfield property. Any third party-owned e-scooters found on Linfield property will be impounded and a fee charged to the owning company. People operating this type of scooter would be directed to take the scooter off campus property. This policy does not apply to electric scooters owned by the operator. This policy also does not affect bicycles of any kind, non-motorized scooters, or electric scooters used to assist people with mobility restrictions.

University Fleet Vehicles

McMinnville Campus clubs and organizations recognized by the University or by ASLU may arrange to rent vehicles through the University for events (within 400 miles of the University; 800 miles round trip) to which all members of the club or organization are invited. Any trip that requests 3 or more University vans may be required to travel by a commercial bus with a professional driver. Use of the vehicles must first be approved by the Director of Student Activities and then be reserved through Facilities Services. Approval of vehicle use does not guarantee that one will be available, so please plan well ahead when requesting vehicles. ASLU organizations must also first complete a vehicle request form and receive the approval of the ASLU Vice President of Business and Finance. All drivers of University vehicles must have completed a driving safety course approved by Facilities Services. In any vehicle obtained under this policy, neither alcohol nor tobacco are permitted.

Reservations can be made by logging into your University SchoolDude account. The Transportation Policy may be found on the Facilities Services policies page.

Portland Campus student groups interested in University vehicles should contact Campus Operations