Lactation Resources & Reporting

Breastfeeding Liaison

Students are encouraged to contact the Breastfeeding Liaison to discuss resources, preparation, process, strategies, goals or other concerns as soon as they know they will need lactation support. The Breastfeeding Liaison can help the student anticipate and plan as there are common concerns and challenges among student breastfeeding mothers. The Breastfeeding Liaison is available to support the student for the duration of lactation while at Linfield.  

Lactation Educational Resources

A list of resources is posted in the lactation room, on Facebook, and within this policy. These resources include, but are not limited to:

Peer Student Support

There is a sign in sheet and a journal for connecting with each other in the lactation room. In addition, there is a Linfield Breastfeeding Students Facebook group.  This group is for any Linfield student who is breastfeeding. This will allow for students on all campuses to connect for support. If more assistance is needed to make connections, contact the breastfeeding Liaisons.

Reporting Non-Compliance with Policies or Harassment

Students needing additional support are encouraged to contact the Breastfeeding Liaison and course or clinical faculty to discuss and make reasonable changes in accommodations. Linfield is bound by Title IX to treat breastfeeding student needs in the same manner as any other temporary medical need. Any member of the Linfield University community may report a violation of this policy to any employee of the University. University employees are considered responsible employees and must report the violation up to the Title IX Coordinator.  Visit the Anti-Harassment page for reporting details. It is requested that the violation also be brought to the Breastfeeding Liaisons for follow up and improvements.