Engineering and Business Administration Preparatory Program


Joelle Murray, Ph.D.

A substantial number of prospective students who indicate an interest in pre-engineering also have an interest in business administration. Some of these students may be attracted to a program which prepares them for graduate study leading to a master’s degree in technical management.

Graduate programs in technical management are offered at a number of high quality institutions under the names of technology management, industrial engineering, or operations research. At least three preparatory options are available to Linfield students:

  1. the Applied Physics major;
  2. the Chemistry major with additional courses in business;
  3. the 3-2 Pre-engineering program. Students should expect to take CALCULUS I (MATH 170) and CALCULUS II (MATH 175), as well as INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING: FUNCTIONS (COMP 160).

Two points need to be stressed to those considering a career in technical management. First, a business degree alone is generally not adequate preparation for a career in technical management; most people engaged in the management of technology are technically trained. Second, this is a rigorous program, most suitable for students with a record of academic success.